corporate governance

DocMorris’s corporate governance ensures accountability and the clear allocation of responsibilities. It fosters transparency and facilitates the assessment of our organisational and business practices.

Details are included in our Corporate Governance Report.

Principles of governance

The key principles and rules of corporate governance at DocMorris are specified in the following guideline documents:

Code of Conduct

We are committed to high ethical standards and aim to create sustainable value for all of our stakeholders, including patients, customers, partners, shareholders and employees. That’s why we have formulated our Code of Conduct that aligns our business activities with the principles of integrity, transparency, fairness and mutual respect.

Human Rights Policy

As a healthcare company, the right to health is at the heart of our business. Together with other human rights such as the principle of non-discrimination and the right to a safe workplace, we consider it the basis for all our actions. The Human Rights Policy of DocMorris outlines our commitment, impact, standards, governance and compliance mechanisms and responsibilities with respect to human rights.