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DocMorris is a leading company in the fields of online pharmacy, marketplace and professional healthcare with strong brands in Germany, Spain and France. Every day, our dedicated team of more than 1,900 employees are building and defining Europe’s go-to digital health destination.

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Segment Germany: Game-changing e-prescription (eRx)

The first phase of the mandatory nationwide rollout of electronic prescriptions (eRx) in Germany started on 1 September 2022. With our number 1 brand DocMorris and its seamless app, we are well prepared for this unique opportunity. Today, eRx online penetration is almost non-existent in the German EUR 52 billion Rx market. However, Sweden has proven that things can be done differently. Here, eRx online penetration has reached 13% in only a few years, and we see the same mid-term potential for the large German market, but with much better starting conditions. While Sweden had to start from scratch, DocMorris is already active in the German over-the-counter (OTC) market with an online penetration of 23%.


  • More than EUR 1 billion eRx potential with existing OTC customers
  • eRx customers 10x higher customer lifetime value (CLV) than OTC customers  
  • DocMorris #1 brand

#1 position: size, brand, tech and know-how

The group is internationally present with strong brands such as DocMorris, Germany’s best-known health platform. Since our founding, we have gained major experience in the e-commerce sector in dealing with complex regulatory systems, as well as in building relevant industry partnerships. Today, we serve about 10 million active customers who are at the heart of everything we do.

Technology is a key enabler for our future success. Together with IBM, one of the world’s largest information technology companies, we are actively participating in designing the German eRx system – providing valuable insights for the development of the underlying server infrastructure.

Our experienced Chief Technology Officer Madhu Nutakki, in collaboration with our entire Executive Board, continues to drive our development as a technology company.


Accelerated EBITDA break-even in 2024

From 2017 to 2021 the focus of DocMorris was on growth – not only in terms of revenue, but also in regards to our active customer base. We invested in recruiting the best talent, as well as in technology, eRx readiness, and internationalisation, all of which set the stage for us to become the leader in our key markets. For 2023, our full focus is to create a sustainable basis for profitable growth from 2024. Reducing complexity and clearly focusing on operational excellence, as well as on our core business, are major pillars of our CHF 130 million break-even programme. This will lead to an adjusted EBITDA break-even in 2024, which is independent from eRx. Beyond the mandatory introduction of eRx in Germany, we are continuing to expand our digital health ecosystem.


Break-even programme with an expected positive EBITDA impact of CHF 130 million by 2024 compared to EBITDA 2021

  • Structural synergies: CHF 45 million
  • Performance improvements: CHF 60 million
  • Gross margin increase: CHF 25 million

DocMorris strategy

Our digital healthcare ecosystem strategy enables us to provide customers and patients with optimal care and best treatment solutions.

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DocMorris strategy


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