shareholder structure

Shareholdings as of 31 December 2023
Frank M. Sands, Jr. 4.93%
PSquared Asset Management 3.79%
Executive Board as of 31 December 2022 0.66%
Board of Directors as of 31 December 2022 1.34%
Other shareholders 89.28%

Free float amounts to 100%. The overview reflects the notifications pursuant to art. 22 FMIO-FINMA and is based on the number of shares outstanding at the time of the notification. Following this link you will find the disclosure notices published by DocMorris via the electronic publication platform of the SIX Swiss Exchange.

Shares outstanding as of 30 November 2023 11,702,577
Convertible Bond 2020-2025 (outstanding CHF 122m) 856,802
Convertible Bond 2022-2026 (outstanding/nominal amount CHF 95m) 1,909,753
Total shares (diluted) 14,469,132

In connection with the issuance of the convertible bonds, DocMorris created a share lending facility of 1,900,000 shares to facilitate the hedging for bond holders. These cannot in any case be converted into actual share holdings and are registered as treasury shares. The number of outstanding shares as of 13 December 2023 was 11,702,577 (13,700,639 ./. 1,998,062 treasury shares).


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