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Behind the numbers – An insight into the Accounting Team at DocMorris

Behind the numbers – An insight into the Accounting Team at DocMorris

The accounting team at DocMorris plays an essential role in ensuring financial stability and growth by monitoring financial performance, generating reports, and assisting in planning and budgeting. For over a decade, Roger has been an integral part of this team as a financial analyst.

From mathematical precision to stakeholder management


Roger's responsibilities include the precise monitoring of all incoming and outgoing invoices and associated cash flows. An meticulous approach and a keen eye for detail are required to ensure that the monthly and annual financial statements at DocMorris are always complete and accurate. However, the responsibilities of the accounting team extend far beyond just the figures. Roger emphasizes, "We are in daily contact with numerous internal departments and external partners, including auditors and tax authorities." In addition to solid mathematical skills, effective communication is essential for success as a financial analyst.

Global teams with a common focus

"What makes working at DocMorris so special is the dynamic environment of a growing company," explains Roger. He finds the constant stream of new projects and products that aim to fulfil customer needs even better particularly exciting. Overall, the team manages nine companies, ensuring that daily operations remain varied. Additionally, the international orientation of the company offers a unique dynamic. The accounting team collaborates with colleagues from the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, and Germany. The diverse perspectives and work cultures of the teams enable enriching exchanges and promote innovative solutions. Thanks to modern working methods such as mobile offices and virtual meetings, the team can collaborate closely across geographical boundaries.



Diversity and a change of perspective as a growth factor


Roger emphasizes the excellent collaboration within the accounting team at DocMorris. The team consists of young talents and experienced professionals who learn from each other every day and tackle new challenges together. "It's inspiring to be part of such a dynamic and dedicated team," Roger summarizes the atmosphere in the department. He wouldn't want to miss out on this diversity of talents and perspectives at DocMorris.

Discover how you can leverage your affinity for numbers in an international team to develop innovative solutions and shape the world of finance.