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How marketing is shaping the Black Friday landscape

How marketing is shaping the Black Friday landscape

An exclusive interview with Judit Griecs, our Marketing Director of PromoFarma by DocMorris

In the realm of marketing, there's a season that sets pulses racing, strategies soaring, and creativity ablaze – it's the exhilarating crescendo of commerce known as Black Friday. For marketers, this annual extravaganza is not just a date on the calendar; it's a whirlwind of opportunity, innovation, and the chance to orchestrate campaigns that resonate in the hearts of consumers.

In the exclusive interview with Judit Griecs, our Marketing Director for PromoFarma by Docmorris, we delve into the world of Black Friday marketing and how exciting the work in this period becomes.

Is the hype around Black Friday still as potent as ever, or has it seamlessly melded into the fabric of routine sales events throughout the year?

The hype around Black Friday is still highly relevant for the online channel for the Beauty and Personal Care sector.

It's true that Black Friday has become a widely extended sale, but it continues to capture the attention of consumers because during this time of the year, they seek deals, and substantial offers and have the chance to shop for Christmas with big discounts. However, it's important to note that the level of hype and anticipation can vary from year to year, and it's our job as marketers to keep it interesting, fresh, and engaging. The last quarter of the year, especially November with Single's Day and Black Friday, is the time of the year when more commercial searches are done for example in Google, compared to other quarters of the year, so there is actually still a lot of interest from customers. What we have noticed is that this search starts earlier every year and customers spend more time planning their shopping and even start creating and saving baskets for D-day.

Could you walk us through the process of planning and executing a successful Black Friday marketing campaign, including the key milestones?

Planning and executing a successful Black Friday marketing campaign in our sector involves several key steps such as research, evaluating results and learning from last year’s campaign, goal setting, calendar creation and a strong collaboration with all areas of the company: from purchase and operations to customer service and IT. This type of multichannel campaign needs strong coordination and fluent communication between all teams to make it a success. In a very fast-moving sector, it is also very important to work with an agile mindset and methodology, monitor KPIs and goals constantly, but also monitor the market, competitors, and the user’s behaviour to be able to change the campaign at any point if needed.

What are the main challenges to running a successful Black Friday from the company’s perspective?

In our industry, running a successful Black Friday campaign comes with several challenges. Identifying and maintaining enough stock of popular products is crucial to meet our customer demand. It is also extremely important to prepare our website to ensure the smoothest user experience possible.

It is important to point out that our sector is highly competitive, with numerous companies trying to catch the attention of the same consumers, both new and existing clients. That is why it is vital to put our customer at the centre, know their needs and offer them a unique and personalised experience. Last year we launched our loyalty program “Health points” where existing clients can benefit from additional offers, on top of the rewards they get for each purchase and can redeem on their future purchases.

In an increasingly competitive market, how do you ensure that your Black Friday promotions stand out from those of your competitors, and what metrics do you use to measure the success of your campaigns?

To stand out from competitors, we focus on offering value and a seamless customer experience. Key strategies include the creation of exclusive bundles that combine complementary health and beauty products at a discounted price, and personalized offers using customer data, based on past purchases and preferences to make promotions and communications more relevant for the users. Our key metrics to measure the campaign’s success include revenue, customer acquisition and retention and ROAS (return on advertisement spend), evaluating the overall profitability of the campaign. We are especially proud of the fresh and attractive visual communication we use across all communication channels, including the website and all marketing assets. Every year our design team creates a unique look and feel for our Black Friday campaign.

Looking towards the future, what trends do you foresee shaping the landscape of Black Friday marketing in the upcoming years?

We see several new trends coming in the next few years which will generally impact e-commerce companies and especially our sector, such as sustainability, AI and personalization. Consumers are becoming more environmentally conscious, so we expect to see a focus on sustainable and reusable packaging, eco-friendly products, and the preference for low-emission shipping options. In addition, advanced AI algorithms (artificial intelligence) will enable even more personalized content and offers, making shopping experiences more tailored to individual customer preferences. Adapting to these trends while maintaining a strong focus on customer satisfaction will be crucial for success in such a changing and exciting scenario.

What is on your personal purchase-wishlist for the Black Friday marathon?

Of course I have already a lot of my always-on favourites, but also some trending products in my PromoFarma basked prepared for the D-day.

Some of the highlights:

  • Nuxe Advent Calendar 2023 (I got last year's and I loved it!)
  • A new black coat for me (my favourite colour)
  • Beauty routines packs for my friends
  • Christmas presents for my little ones (I can't reveal yet what they will be)
  • An air fryier (yes, I've been tempted too)

Join Judit and the team to be part of the next Black Friday planning!

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