TeleClinic and ADAC: Partnership expands access to digital healthcare

App integration offers uncomplicated medical advice via video – around the clock and anywhere in Germany

In cooperation with ADAC, TeleClinic has developed an app integration that gives ADAC members access to online medical consultations at any time. Members can now use the medical app of Europe's largest and best-known mobility club to access telemedical services from around 1,500 doctors based in Germany. These include electronic sick notes, prescriptions and medical consultations. Telemedicine makes it easier for people to access medical care, regardless of where they live. “The TeleClinic team is delighted that ADAC, with its reach of over 21 million members, is helping to promote telemedicine services in Germany by offering low-threshold services", says Benedikt Luber, Managing Director of TeleClinic.

With over 1.6 million successful treatments, TeleClinic is one of the leading telemedicine platforms in Germany. The integration of the TeleClinic platform into other applications is achieved through highly scalable technical innovations. With a high degree of flexibility, TeleClinic designs seamless integrations together with partners to drive digitalisation in the healthcare system. The content and functions of the telemedicine platform can be implemented in other applications as a white or grey label.

With the launch of new features in the Medical App, ADAC is expanding its medical services: "With the expanded ADAC Medical App, we can now guarantee our members digital access to genuine all-round care that can make their everyday lives considerably easier," says ADAC board member Dr Dieter Nirschl. In today's mobile and flexible society, people who travel a lot often have no direct access to their family doctor. If they have health complaints, they can have their concerns and symptoms effectively clarified online by a doctor within a few minutes thanks to digital services.

Forgotten urgent medication? The TeleClinic integration in the Medical App makes it easy to request electronic prescriptions from registered doctors, which can then be filled wherever people happen to be.

The ADAC is continuously developing and expanding its offers and services to meet the needs of its members. The focus is on help, advice and protection. For many years, ADAC has practised commitment in the health sector through air rescue, international health protection and ambulance services. The expansion of the medical app was therefore the next logical step for the club to expand the health service for its members.

About TeleClinic:
TeleClinic GmbH is Germany's most popular telemedicine platform. Through the TeleClinic platform, patients are telemedically treated by an experienced, Germany-based physician within minutes. Medical certificates, prescriptions, and doctor's letters are sent directly to patients' smartphones. Prescriptions can be redeemed nationwide at local pharmacies or online pharmacies.

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