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The finesse of finding errors - an insight into QA testing

The finesse of finding errors - an insight into QA testing


When it comes to the seamless functionality of the DocMorris webshop, special attention is paid to Ivan, who is a pillar of the Quality Assurance team. With a keen eye for detail and his tenacity, Ivan has been an indispensable part of DocMorris since he joined in May 2022.

As a QA Engineer, Ivan focuses on the testing and quality assurance of our webshop. His responsibilities include test design, -management, -execution and -reporting, diligently checking the correct programming and functionality of the platform and tirelessly tracking issues. "My job requires a certain amount of perseverance, attention to detail and thoroughness," explains Ivan.


How effective communication strengthens the testing process


His previous work as a front-end developer gives him a decisive advantage as a tester, as he understands the requirements of the development team better and can work effectively with them. "I really enjoy communicating with different teams and people," he adds. "A third of my work consists of liaising with our product owners, UX/UI designers, frontend and backend developers." Ivan emphasises the importance of effective communication and strong team cohesion in order to master the many challenges of his day. "Personal contact with colleagues is very important to me and also makes it easier to work together," he says.

From code to creativity - Ivan's everyday life


While the QA Engineer continues to work on documenting his tests and driving forward automation, it is above all the harmonious balance between working from home and the office that gives him the flexibility he values. Ultimately, it is the personal contact and dialogue in the office that makes his work at DocMorris so enriching.

Away from his professional passions, Ivan is a late riser who prefers coffee to tea and prefers the sea to the mountains. In addition to his passion for quality assurance, Ivan also has a penchant for modern art and going to concerts.

Development opportunities at DocMorris

His time at DocMorris was characterised by a steep learning curve and exciting projects, with the Marketplace launch being one of his highlights to date. "DocMorris is not a company that stands still, but is constantly evolving. I can also see this development in myself, especially in the technical area," Ivan shares his experiences.

Discover exciting career opportunities at DocMorris and learn more about how passion for quality assurance and teamwork can flourish in our innovative environment.