The Gesundbergs are arriving: DocMorris launches new e-prescription advertising campaign

At the beginning of the new year, digitalisation in the German healthcare sector took a major step forward – electronic prescriptions have been launched across the country. Digital flight tickets or concert tickets are already part of everyday life for many people. E-prescriptions, on the other hand, are still new to many patients. DocMorris is therefore introducing the "Gesundberg" family to patients.  The name of the family was chosen to integrate “Health” in a typical sounding German surname. Under the claim "Pharmacy, simply reliable", the family members show in short TV adverts how easy it is to fill an e-prescription or order over-the-counter (OTC) products from DocMorris.

Since 1 January 2024, doctors' surgeries in Germany have been obliged to issue e-prescriptions to people with statutory health insurance. The number of e-prescriptions being filled is increasing exponentially. "The e-prescription marks a significant step forward in the digitalisation of the healthcare system and offers patients new options. DocMorris is the first port of call for prescriptions and ensures a fast supply of medication. The DocMorris brand stands for the highest level of patient-orientated service, pharmaceutical expertise, safety and reliability. Our campaign emphasises this," says Marie Pietzcker, Director Brand and Content Marketing at DocMorris.

The new cross-media advertising campaign, which DocMorris developed together with the agency VML Germany, explains how e-prescriptions can be filled at DocMorris today, either by scanning the e-prescription print-out or, in the next step, completely digitally via the mobile use of the electronic health card. The fictitious Gesundberg family is at the centre of the entire campaign. With a smile and in an easily understandable way, they show how convenient it is to fill e-prescriptions at DocMorris and draw attention to the wide range of self-medication products. In addition to TV adverts, the campaign will be supplemented by various online and social media activities. The campaign will also be integrated into DocMorris' own media.

TV advert e-prescription:

TV advert OTC:

Digitalisation is increasingly becoming a decisive competitive differentiator. With its new marketing campaign, DocMorris wants to show people how digitalisation in the healthcare sector can enrich and simplify their lives. DocMorris' aim is to offer the simplest and most reliable healthcare for everyone – anytime, anywhere and with just one click. This includes a wide range of e-prescription services in the webshop or the DocMorris app, e.g. the repeat prescription service, the next-day delivery option or the extensive OTC range. Patients can decide individually which offers they would like to use, when and how, depending on their life situation.

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The DocMorris healthcare platform is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Swiss DocMorris AG, which generated exter-nal sales of 1,081.6 million euros in the German segment in 2022 with currently 9 million active customers. The platform encompasses all activities related to digital holistic healthcare – from the diagnosis at the online doctor's visit to the pharmaceutical consultation and the required medication, healthcare product or digital solution from the online pharmacy. DocMorris thus creates easy access to all health services in one place for customers with just one click.