DocMorris goes European: new branding for marketplaces in Spain and France

Heerlen/Barcelona, 11.02.2021 – DocMorris is taking the next step in implementing its new brand architecture on the way to becoming the European umbrella brand of the digital healthcare ecosystem of the Zur Rose Group. The successful launch of the new branding for the DocMorris pharmacy and the DocMorris+ healthcare platform in Germany marked just the beginning of a shift of paradigm to digital healthcare. This successful first step in Germany is now followed by PromoFarma, the leading brand for online pharmacy marketplaces in Spain, and DoctiPharma, the second biggest brand in France, who see their brand now linked to the DocMorris brand identity.

The new brand appearance of PromoFarma and DoctiPharma underlines its brand evolutions by using the green heart as a symbol for health. The varying shades of green for the heart represent the variety of current and future health solutions, which can be made even more personal and individual thanks to digitalisation. The light green “by DocMorris” descriptor confirms its link and shows both marketplaces are part of the European healthcare ecosystem.

DocMorris, best known in Germany, has been chosen by the Zur Rose Group as umbrella brand for its European healthcare ecosystem. The international success of the Christmas film “#Herzensangelegenheit” [a matter of the heart] emphasises the strength of the DocMorris brand and how the brand emotionally resonates with consumers across European markets. The cooperation with global healthcare company Novo Nordisk in Germany – with the intention to expand it across Europe – demonstrates how important it is to work with top-class partners in healthcare to bring the ecosystem to life under one single brand. Combining specialist knowledge from partners with consumer reach makes it possible to better enable people to manage their own health and improve their quality of life conveniently and flexibly. Gaining additional marketplace expertise in Spain and France within the healthcare ecosystem increases its attractiveness for consumers allowing for more product accessibility and faster time-to-market. With the ambition to expand further their product offering and providing additional digital services, PromoFarma and DoctiPharma will also benefit from the existing expertise under the DocMorris brand and many years of experience across the Zur Rose Group to make it even simpler for people to access healthcare.

On this basis, the DocMorris healthcare ecosystem will enable people all over Europe to manage their health in one click – safely and easily. The healthcare ecosystem will make it possible for all users, medical specialists, pharmacists and healthcare service providers to experience the vision of seamless and personal 360-degree health journeys.

The European DocMorris branding was developed with the famous international design agency Mucho of Barcelona, Spain.

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