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Introducing DocMorris Adipositas Care (Obesity Care), a digital hub empowering people with obesity to find relevant care for a better quality of life.

Berlin, 31 March 2021The Novo Nordisk and Zur Rose Group collaboration presents DocMorris Adipositas Care, a digital hub which provides people living with obesity a new way to find the right care. Adipositas Care thoughtfully empowers people living with obesity by enabling them to learn about obesity and discover possible care solutions, to link to specialized advisors, doctors and digital solutions in obesity care, and by supporting them with the testimonials of peers who took action to better manage their health, all within one digital location. The program launches today in Germany with the intention to expand across other European markets.

In January, Zur Rose Group announced its collaboration with Novo Nordisk to raise awareness of obesity and to improve access to the right information, diagnosis and care for people living with this condition. Obesity (BMI >30) is a disease that affects a quarter of the adult German population (23% of men and 24% of women)1, a segment of the population at increased risk for many other serious diseases and health conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and musculoskeletal disorders2. To reduce the risk of health complications and improve their quality of life, people living with obesity share a need to reduce their weight, address the mental health implications of the disease and cope with the social stigmas associated to their condition. Today, the collaboration starts with the new web-based health experience and individual-relevant Hub: Adipositas Care supported by an insights-based obesity awareness campaign for people living with obesity. 

“Thanks to our collaboration with Novo Nordisk, today marks the beginning of a new era for people living with obesity” says Betül Susamis Unaran, Chief Strategy and Digital Officer of the Zur Rose Group. “The new obesity health journey empowers people living with the condition by bringing forward a new way for them to access best possible care solutions, enabling them to get informed about their disease and linking them to online and offline specialized doctors and advisors in obesity care. The launch of this new health experience is a critical step in bringing Zur Rose Group’s ecosystem vision to life: in creating a world where everyone can manage their health in one click.”

Creating a new, individual relevant health experience

DocMorris Adipositas Care puts people with obesity in the center of the experience by addressing their key concerns. The hub release today is the first product version that will continue to be developed and improved over the next months. Features of the launch release include:

  • Education that addresses weight loss, mental health, obesity stigmas and empowers people with obesity to take better healthcare decisions: The hub supports people with obesity to better understand their condition, the reasons behind their difficulty in losing and maintaining weight as well as the potential causes of obesity.
  • Support on how to get started and ways to address top concerns: Guided by their most common concerns, the hub supports people living with obesity to access relevant content, treatment options adopted by peers and links to medical help and counseling.
  • Discovery of best possible treatment options for this chronic condition: Many people living with obesity have tried various approaches to manage their weight and associated challenges. The hub enables them to discover possible treatment options such as medication, digital therapeutics and surgery provided by specialized healthcare professionals in obesity care.
  • Link to specialized doctors and advisors in obesity: The hub enables access to specialized doctors online via a dedicated section at TeleClinic, Germany`s leading provider of telemedicine, and offline doctors and advisors via a tool to locate healthcare practitioners with obesity expertise in Germany.

A key step forward for the DocMorris European healthcare ecosystem

The DocMorris Adipositas Care hub anchors in the strategic expansion of the DocMorris brand – from pharmaceuticals to a consumer-centric digital healthcare platform, as the umbrella brand for the Zur Rose Group's European healthcare ecosystem. The new DocMorris Adipositas Care hub reflects Zur Rose Group’s vision of creating a world where everyone can get convenient access to health – anytime, anywhere, just one click away.

Experience DocMorris Adipositas Care here:

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